Vacation Rental

Below are photos of Ixchel Hawaii. We are located in the Fern Forest Neighborhood in Volcano, Hawaii.


The Candelight Cottage:

  As you walk up the steps and are led through the front door, you will be greeted by exquisite cherry wood flooring, and vibrant walls and artwork. The furniture enhances the open living and dining room spaces, yet does not overwhelm it. Gather for conversation on the plush couches or share a meal at the dining table. Enjoy snacks on stools at the counter adjacent to the fully equipped kitchen. Down the hall await two (2) bedrooms, one (1) double-sized and one (1) single-sized. Arise with the sun, as it shines through the bedrooms and common areas, signaling the beginning of a beautiful day. The naturally tiled bathroom sits conveniently between the common areas and the bedrooms.

  In keeping with the responsibility of preserving our presious land, air and water, the Candelight Cottage utilizes solar energy with a backup generator during the evening, if needed. We promote and practice both water and energy conservation at Ixchel Holistic Retreat.


The Honu (Turtle) Hale (Residence)

  This hale (residence) rests on Ixchel grounds mauka (toward the mountain)-side of the Candlelight Cottage. As its name suggests, it was built to house a single person or a couple. It consists mainly of windows, which enables its quarters to open up to the outdoors, imparting a feeling of open space. The bathroom and kitchen for this hale are located in the common areas on either side of the Jungalow below.


The Yoga Studio

  Enter the studio from outside the Candlelight Cottage on either the makai (toward the sea)-side or mauka (toward the mountain)-side. The studio is equipped with mats, interlocking padded squares, exercise ball and hoop, a hanging yoga swing and mirrored wall.