Who is Ixchel?

 Ixchel Hawaii is named for the Mayan Goddess, Ixchel (Ee-shell). She is the Goddess of the moon, the Lady of the Rainbow, as well as an ancient fertility goddess. She was responsible for bringing rain to nourish the crops by overturning her sacred womb jar so that the waters would flow. For centuries, women have made pilgrimages to her holy places, including Isla Mujeres, "The Island of Women".

 The Island of Hawaii is in a state of constant creation. Since 1983, this active volcano has been adding new land around the southeastern shore with ribbons of fiery lava running down the mountainside into the ocean. Goddess Pele (Pay-Lay) is a Hawaiian Volcano and Fire Goddess. Through this activity she gives birth to the islands and is considered by many to be a Mother Goddess. She embodies Creation and Power while shaping this sacred land. Pele reminds us that we constantly create and shape our own lives. Our thoughts, our actions, our intentions help us to create that which we desire. Ixchel, the weaver, and Pele, the creator, remind us of the divinity of creation. Ixchel weaves us together as Pele shapes this sacred land.