Terms & Conditions

  Thank you for choosing to stay with us at Ixchel Hawaii Retreat. We are excited to have you as our guest and extend a warm aloha to you during your stay on the magical Big Island of Hawaii. While here, we humbly request that you work with us in our efforts to strive for full sustainability. At Ixchel, we incorporate solar power, gardening, farming and permaculture methods.

 To assist us in reducing our carbon footprint we ask that you take note of a few guidelines during your stay at Ixchel Hawaii Retreat.

Water Usage:

  Water is a precious resource, and although we are located in a rainforest, we ask that you use water conservatively. Our water comes from a catchment and is powered by a solar pump.

Electricity Usage:

 Our facility is “off grid”. We implement the use of solar panels, batteries and generator for our electrical needs. Please be aware that running heating appliances and any high wattage appliances through the solar powered outlets will deplete and possibly cause damage to our system.

The Yoga Studio:

  Our Yoga Studio comes fully equipped with yoga specific supplies and yoga swing, screened in for your comfort while you apply any number of various yoga practices. There are props such as straps, eye pillows and blankets to suit your needs. There are two entrances to the studio and we ask that you honor the space by practicing Shaucha (cleanliness) and removing your shoes before you enter. If you see that you may have tracked in any red dirt or lava please sweep it out of the studio. We ask that you treat this as a sacred space and be mindful. Do unto others...