Around the Property

The Fairy Grotto:

  On the mauka (toward the mountain)-side of the Candlelight Cottage opposite the Honu (turtle) Hale, follow the path to The Fairy Grotto. A natural archway of guava trees and hibiscus grace the entrance. There you will see the lava cave that was discovered while clearing the land. Surprises await you within the hidden recesses of the cave’s rock formations, which include deities, stones, charms, along with 100 year old chandelier crystals. Light a candle, make a wish and embrace the fairies of this enchanted fern forest.

Permaculture Gardens:

  Because the rainforest encompasses Ixchel Hawaii Retreat, the rich volcanic soil combined with ample amounts of sun and plentiful rain, provide us with an abundance of fruits, vegetation and foliage. We strive for sustainability, growing many different types of foods on the retreat site itself. We encourage our guests to explore our land, brimming with citrus trees, hawaiian raspberries as well as strawberries. Our banana trees and pineapples flourish in Hawaii’s tropical climate. The retreat also yields vegetables such as kale, chard, yakon, beets, carrots and purple sweet potatoes. We implement only natural methods like composting and mulching, thanks in part to the chickens roaming the premises.

Meditation Areas:

  Many consider the ‘aina (land) sacred. The healing energy of the islands will permeate your very being. At Ixchel Hawaii Retreat, we offer a plethora of zen-like settings. Please maximize your stay with us, by taking some time out to pursue the retreat grounds for that perfect spot to relax and meditate. Our souls find rejuvenation in meditation.

  We would like to thank you in advance for honoring and respecting nature’s life force, preserved and protected here at Ixchel.